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Importance of Butchers Display Tickets To Any Butcher Shop

Adding labels in goods is crucial regardless you are selling fresh meat products, baked pastries or clothes. Customer will be more interested in buying anything that has pricing or detailed description of what they will be getting in return. This is why even at a local butcher shop having butchers display tickets is an effective way to attract customers and convince them to make purchases.

What are the ideal butchers display tickets?

Some customers call them food tickets displayed on counters of butcher shops, deli shops and bakery shops. But, more often they are referred to butchers display tickets at butcher shops selling all kinds of meat products, both raw and processed.
The ideal butcher’s display tickets do come as free standing for easy usage on every display counter. However, there are also designs where the butcher display tickets appear like ticket toppers. These particular display tickets are used to inform customers of their highlights for the day like special deals or new meat products.
The material made of most butchers display tickets are from top quality plastic (polycarbonate) and are safe to be placed near food products. They are also designed to withstand the high temperature of up to 150 degrees Celsius.

What information should be shown on your butchers display tickets?

Labeling is a legal requirement for everyone selling goods and this law also applies to butchery shops. They need to properly label their fresh, raw and processed meat products with the appropriate information like price, type of meat (free range, organic, or locally produced), processed meat (smoked or traditional), cut of meat (mince, sirloin steak, loin chops or tenderized chops) including spices added for seasoning special meat products.
The butchers display tickets must contain all the relevant information that every paying customer needs to know to make a wise decision on what to buy.
How to care and clean the butchers display tickets?
As mentioned the material composition of manufactured butcher displays tickets are made from a durable plastic called “polycarbonate”. This type of plastic is extremely durable and hard to break. Other distinct features of these display tickets are scratch and impact resistant. Since, the display tickets are exposed daily with juices coming from raw meat products, unavoidable spills can come in direct contact with them. Wiping the residue with a clean cloth is the quickest solution to maintain their clean appearance. However, for your regular cleaning the butchers display tickets can be washed thoroughly using only soapy water solution. You can also inquire with your butchery equipment supplier recommended butchers cleaning products. Avoid using hard cleaning tools like scourers or steel wool to prolong the good condition of these display tickets.

For more information on how you can customise your butchers display tickets feel free to contact any of the customer representatives at Butchers Paradise. They are always ready to provide advice and assistance for your butchery shops needs from butchers display tickets down to meat trays, butchery equipment and tools.