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Tips When Selecting The Perfect Butchers Knife

One of the basic cutting tools that would make a butcher’s life easier is the butchers knife. If you are planning to invest in a top quality knife for your butchering business, here are a few tips to follow as you shop around.

Tip #1 – Check for the comfort features

Yes, definitely one of the initial tasks you need to perform when buying your first butchers knife check carefully the comfort features like no rough finish on the handle. It’s important that the butcher can hold the knife comfortably in his or her hand. If the butcher is struggling to hold the knife handle, better move to the next brand on your list.

Tip #2 – Balance in crucial

The blade of the butchers knife must be slightly heavy for balance, but not too much. The experience when holding this type of knife is natural from the moment you use it for cutting. You should not feel as if the blade has too much weight and draining all your strength.

Tip #3 – The knife should leave more space as you cut

Another effective way to help you find the best butchers knife is by holding it and ensuring that your finger knuckles don’t hit the surface. The bottom line is it should offer more space as you cut and not rap your knuckles on the surface.

Tip #4 – Perform a visual test

Every butcher dreams of owning a perfect cutting tool like the butchers knife. Aside from comfort, another concern that you should not miss when buying a butchering knife is the visual appearance. Ask yourself, “Do you prefer a rosewood knife handle or the simple synthetic black handle? A knife handle made from rosewood is a high-end material that depicts classy taste. However, even if the rosewood handle is appealing to any onlooker, imagine the scenario when you have to soak it in water often. This could damage the wooden handle over time. So, if you are to choose between a wooden or synthetic handle on butchers knife, you are better off with a synthetic handle. Besides, wooden handles are prone to bacteria.

What to look when buying the butchers knife?

Now, that you have an idea of what to do when shopping around for the best brands of butchers knife collections, here’s a list of things that your butcher knife must possess:

  • Tang of the knife must run in full length. If you are presented with a bunch of butchers knife brands look at the tang of each knife. This is the metal part of the blade that you will find inserted into the handle and it should run at full length to ensure balance in weight. If you come across a knife where the tang could not completely hold the handle this is not a good investment because it will not last longer.
  • Number of rivets holding the knife. When inspecting the butchers’ knife count the number of rivets on the handle. A top quality knife must at least have two to three rivets in the handle. If you found burrs or divots around the rivets this is poorly made.

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