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Do You Have the Right Kind of Meat Hooks in Your Butchery?

When it comes to butchery supplies, many people will think of butcher’s blocks and meat trays. However there are numerous other tools that no butcher shops can do without. For instance, carcass scales are invaluable in butcheries. They enable you to weigh the meat accurately. Similarly, vacuum-pack machines are vital for packing and sealing the meat in various standard-size packs. These packs keep the meat safe from bacteria. As a result, the meat stays fresher for longer. Similarly, meat hooks or butcher’s hooks are another small but important tool that butchers use.

For the uninitiated, meat hooks refer to hooks used for hanging meat. In many cases, butchers use an assortment of hooks for hanging carcasses in their butcher shops. Good meat hooks enable butchers to hang their game in accessible and steady positions. This is especially important in case the butchers are removing various cuts of meat from the carcass. Meat hooks enable butchers to make their cuts precisely. At the same time, these hooks facilitate the safety of the butchers as well. 

As is the case with butcher’s knives, there are several varieties of meat hooks that butchers often use. Many reputed butcher shops use hooks made from stainless steel. Such hooks will remain rust-free. In addition, they will be easy to clean as well. This makes them hygienic enough for using in a butcher shop – especially as they will not contaminate the meat. Some of the most common types of meat hooks include:

  • S-shaped hooks (or jointed hooks) used for hanging meat or the carcasses of pigs and cattle, placed on a moving conveyor line, which enable the butcher to turn the carcass easily because the hook is able to swivel easily
  • Gambrel hooks that make it easier for butchers to suspend carcasses in more spread-out manner
  • Grip hooks that feature handles for butchers to grip even as they butcher the carcass and,
  • Bacon hooks that are useful for hanging bacon joints and other varieties of meat

Suppliers of meat or boning hooks will invariably stock an assortment of these products. Meat hooks can be small or large. They can feature single or multiple prongs. Also, they could, feature two pointed ends or just a single one. Manufacturers design these hooks specifically for butchering. As such, you can easily hang hundreds of kilograms of meat from these hooks without fearing that the hooks will bend or snap. But, you could use them for hanging pots and pans, kitchen towels, kitchen utensils etc. Alternatively, you could use them as meat hooks for smokers. Or, you could use them for hanging meats in the cooler for dry-ageing prior to cooking.