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Do you own a butcher shop? Butcher shops have been considered as pioneers when it comes to selling quality meat products and providing quality services. Even with the emergence of supermarkets and meat deli shops, many customers still buy their fresh meat from a local butcher shop. If you really want to stay in the butchery industry longer and remain competitive, here are a few tips to help you attract more customers and retain their loyalty. Tip #1 – Be passionate in what you do As owner of a butcher shop, it requires greater passion in what you do and what you can provide your customer..
Victorinox has been making various popular knives for years including steak knives. But as you look at Victorinox steak knives, you have to review what is available for your use. Several things have to be put into consideration as you look for the best possible knives. Review the Handle Check on how well the handle of your knife is made. Any kind of knife including a Victorinox boning knife will come with its own distinct handle. The best handle has a size that is proportional to your blade and offers a convenient position. It should also be comfortable and easy to hold in either hand. ..
Are you a newly hired trainee chef at a commercial kitchen? If yes, you should be aware that utmost care and proper handling of butchery equipment products like the kitchen knife is important. Even if you have underwent relevant skills training in knife handling, these safety tips I’m going to share will come useful when already exposed in a busy commercial kitchen environment. Tip #1 – A sharpened knife is better than a dull knife Whether you are about to use a boning knife or butcher knife, it’s a must that you check if it’s sharp enough. Why? Using a dull knife pose more danger becaus..
There are often times when you need to get netting materials to go around your meats as you prepare them. These include cases where you need to soak up some of the juices inside a meat or if you need to keep a certain shape intact as you prepare the meat. Quality meat netting materials can work well for your needs but it is important to look at how you’re finding the best possible materials. What Is It Made Of? Rubber and polyester materials can be utilized when you’re using a net as they can flex quite well and will not add too much pressure onto the meat. Cotton is useful as well becau..
You must always keep your knives sharp so they can continue to cut through your meats well enough without risking any tears to the meat. One of the best options you can use for sharpening those meats is a sharpening stone. It helps to make any old knives cut like new after you use it. But as you look for this type of sharpener product, you have to see how well it is made. Review the Material The material used in a sharpening stone is critical to its usefulness. You can find siliciclastic clay materials for your stone, for instance. This is a very strong compound that has hardened natural..
A quality sausage casing is critical for when you are aiming to prepare meats and make them into these appealing treats. But as you get your casing, you have to watch for how well that material can work. It has to be easy to handle and cut through but it should also be something that is edible. Sometimes the casing might require an extra bit of work on your part in terms of making it useful. Natural Casings The first option to see when planning the sausages for a meat tray is a natural casing. This is made from various sections of an animal’s digestive system. It can be made from the sto..
It is critical when preparing meats that you clear out all the bones off of your meat. An F Dick or Dexter boning knife will help you with getting rid of those bones. A boning knife is a knife that uses a narrow blade with a sharp point. It is not as thick or bulky as a larger butcher knife. But it is still pointed enough to be precise and capable of cutting through any kind of meat. How Long Can It Be? Such a knife for your needs can be rather lengthy. A typical boning knife will be around five to six inches in length. Some models might be up to nine inches long. One point for certai..
If your goal is equip your kitchen with the needed tools and equipment that will improve your cooking and butchering skills, here are other items that must complete your shopping list. • Boning hook • Various sizes of meat tray • Sharpening device (sharpening steel, sharpening stone or electric knife sharpener) • Butchers cleaning products • Sausage filler and sausage casing • Knife pouch • Meat netting Where to buy all these items? If you don’t know where to buy top quality items for your kitchen, visit Butchers Paradise official website. Checkout their product cate..
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A lot of hard work goes into cooking, whether it’s in a five-star restaurant or your own kitchen. Top chefs, butchers, small businesses, and food enthusiasts from all walks of life have one thing in common: quality butcher supplies. Good F. Dick knives, sharpening tools, and accessories enable you to create the cuisine masterpieces you desire, while poor ones frustrate artistic vision and end up being a waste of time and money. 3 Things to Always Remember Butchers at home, as well as those who cook in upper class restaurants, know that butchering is a meticulous business. When it comes ..
How do you want to sharpen your knives? Sharpening knives can be done in different methods. Here are some of them: ·         Sharpening steels I’m sure you are well aware on how we used to sharpen knives prior the availability of modern sharpening tools. We normally see a traditionally made steel to hone or sharpen knives. Nowadays, sharpening steels utilize industrial diamond as the abrasive while ceramic is used for knives with finer edges. ·         Electric sharpener If you are on the lookout for a ..
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