3 Essential Types of Butcher’s Supplies That You Need Now

Whether a person is running a butcher’s shop, cooking in a small restaurant, or serving food at a large facility, having the right tools for the job is essential. Being a butcher means preparing meat in a professional manner compatible with the desires of those who order it. Using the right equipment allows any butcher to perform this job more effectively.

While there are many different types of butcher’s supplies available and each serves its own distinct purpose, any butcher, restaurant, or culinary facility should have the basics on hand. These important butcher’s supplies can help anyone cook meat in a safer and more efficient manner.

Knives and Cutting Tools

When most people think about butchers, the first image that comes to their mind is meat cutting. This is a big part of being a butcher, but there is more to cutting than meets the eye. The proper types of tools and utensils are required, and some types may lend themselves better to cutting certain kinds of meat than others.

Whether a butcher prefers a knife or a cleaver or any particular brand, proper cutting tools are one of the most essential butcher’s supplies available.

Knife Sharpeners and Accessories

Cutting meat may seem like a simple task, but any experienced butcher knows that it is a delicate science. A clean-cut can make a world of difference, especially when buyers and diners demand high-quality and specific characteristics in the meat they order.

Knife sharpeners allow butchers to make sure that their cutting tools remain reliable at all times. Constant use can cause knives to wear down over time, so being able to sharpen them quickly is important, especially at fast-paced locations. Stones, steel sharpening knives, and even electric units can be used to keep knives sharp and cut crisp all the way through dinner service.

Safety Equipment

While cutting is a big part of the job and every butcher is familiar with it, that doesn’t mean that safety precautions shouldn’t be used. In fact, proper protective equipment like gloves and armguards can prove very valuable for a butcher in a fast-paced culinary environment. The Oxford Journal notes the severe nature of injuries butchers have suffered.

Staying safe on the job is smart, as it allows a butcher to concentrate on their work without risking injury. For more information about butcher’s shops, contact Butcher’s Paradise at 04.1231.9999!

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