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The Top Techniques to Becoming a Butcher at Home

They say that there is no arguing with a man holding a cleaver. So, there should be even less arguing with a butcher holding a superior set of butcher’s equipment. There is a resurgence in the old-fashioned butchery business with more and more people wanting to have their own butcher. It’s a reassuring feeling to walk into a shop and have the perfect cut of fresh meat to take home. Butchers get a thrill from giving people that feeling. But what does it take to become a butcher at home? Here are the The Top Techniques to Becoming a Butcher at Home. Start with Quality Butcher’s Equipment..

What Buyers Look for at the Butcher’s Shop: Meat, Butcher Supplies, and Presentation

In times when small businesses in the food industry are driven to bankruptcy by supermarkets and fast food chains, some butcher shops are doing quite well. What is their secret? They simply provide what buyers want, from the meat they sell to the butcher supplies they use and the way they present their products. What Do Buyers Want? Healthy Meat without Playing the Butcher at Home After years of giving up cooking in favour of processed foods, people are slowly but surely realizing that such choices influence their health. Let us not forget that IARC (International Agency for Research on ..

Sizzling Steaks, Tender Topside and Mouth-watering Medallions: How to Cook Meat like a Butcher Would

According to any butcher, it’s not possible to enjoy meat too much. There are numerous different cuts of meat, so that each night of the week can be a different meat experience. The sheer volume of different cuts can be overwhelming because they all require different cooking methods to achieve the best results. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to recognising and preparing different cuts of beef and lamb. Roasting This popular method is so simple because once it’s in the oven or casserole dish, as Ron Pompeil would say, “Just set it, and forget it”. These cuts of meat do best with long co..

3 Essential Types of Butcher’s Supplies That You Need Now

Whether a person is running a butcher’s shop, cooking in a small restaurant, or serving food at a large facility, having the right tools for the job is essential. Being a butcher means preparing meat in a professional manner compatible with the desires of those who order it. Using the right equipment allows any butcher to perform this job more effectively. While there are many different types of butcher’s supplies available and each serves its own distinct purpose, any butcher, restaurant, or culinary facility should have the basics on hand. These important butcher’s supplies can help anyon..

What Makes an Electric Knife Sharpener So Useful?

It is difficult to cut meats and other foods when you have dull knives. An electric knife sharpener will help you keep the blades on your knives strong. You must keep your knives sharp if they are to work to their best potential: · You will not require as much intense force to cut through foods when your knives are sharp. · A sharper knife means a cleaner cut, thus keeping your foods from being damaged as you prepare them. · It is easier to..

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Customer Buying Guide For Knife Sharpener

Knives are among the important tools in our kitchens that we rely on when busy preparing meals for our loved ones. If you want to ensure your collection of knives at home perform best, invest on a top quality knife sharpener. So, how will you know what type of knife sharpening tool to buy for your blade? Would you benefit most from a sharpening stone or sharpening steel rod? Or, it doesn’t matter as long as it can sharpen your knives anytime you want. Let’s take a closer look first on the type of knife you wish to sharpen because this will help you buy the perfect sharpening model. Differen..

Top 5 Knives That Every Kitchen Must Have

Are you excited in completing your kitchen’s essentials? Aside from pots, pans and baking wares, the other tools needed in any kitchen for cooking meals are knives. If you have plans of shopping around these top 5 knives must be on your list. 1. Paring knives No meal preparations can be done with ease without the help of paring knives. There are at least four kinds of paring knives sold in the market; the curved, spear, sharp and clip point. If you love to create salads any time of the day the curved or shape paring knife is your perfect salad making buddy. ..

Sharpening Methods To Use For Your Butcher Knives

How do you want to sharpen your knives? Sharpening knives can be done in different methods. Here are some of them: · Sharpening steels I’m sure you are well aware on how we used to sharpen knives prior the availability of modern sharpening tools. We normally see a traditionally made steel to hone or sharpen knives. Nowadays, sharpening steels utilize industrial diamond as the abrasive while ceramic is used for knives with finer edges. · Electric sharpener If you are on the lookout for a ..

What Should You Look For When Buying Butcher’s Equipment?

A lot of hard work goes into cooking, whether it’s in a five-star restaurant or your own kitchen. Top chefs, butchers, small businesses, and food enthusiasts from all walks of life have one thing in common: quality butcher supplies. Good F. Dick knives, sharpening tools, and accessories enable you to create the cuisine masterpieces you desire, while poor ones frustrate artistic vision and end up being a waste of time and money. 3 Things to Always Remember Butchers at home, as well as those who cook in upper class restaurants, know that butchering is a meticulous business. When it comes ..

A Dexter Russel or F Dick Boning Knife Is a Necessity For Handling Meats

It is critical when preparing meats that you clear out all the bones off of your meat. An F Dick or Dexter boning knife will help you with getting rid of those bones. A boning knife is a knife that uses a narrow blade with a sharp point. It is not as thick or bulky as a larger butcher knife. But it is still pointed enough to be precise and capable of cutting through any kind of meat. How Long Can It Be? Such a knife for your needs can be rather lengthy. A typical boning knife will be around five to six inches in length. Some models might be up to nine inches long. One point for certai..