Sizzling Steaks, Tender Topside and Mouth-watering Medallions: How to Cook Meat like a Butcher Would

According to any butcher, it’s not possible to enjoy meat too much. There are numerous different cuts of meat, so that each night of the week can be a different meat experience. The sheer volume of different cuts can be overwhelming because they all require different cooking methods to achieve the best results. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to recognising and preparing different cuts of beef and lamb.


This popular method is so simple because once it’s in the oven or casserole dish, as Ron Pompeil would say, “Just set it, and forget it”. These cuts of meat do best with long cooking times, allowing the meats to tenderize, the intramuscular fat to soften and melt, and the flavours to permeate. Cuts like rump, scotch fillet, tenderloin, and standing ribs are popular requests for the butcher.


This method is about as Australian as it comes. A bit of preparation to the meat, time to marinade, and some grill time can produce mouth-watering meats. A good barbecue is only as good as the type of meats provided by the butcher. The equipment needed is simply some tongs and a hot grill. The best cuts are sirloin, porterhouse, silverside, or minced meat. Chops are popular on the grill as well for lamb and veal lovers.


There’s a right time to pan-fry, and that’s usually if the meat is part of a larger dish. Barbecuing sets the meat apart on its own while a pan-fried meat can be used as part of a more complete dish.  It’s not too different from the barbecue list, but a good butcher can recommend cuts like porterhouses, steaks, rumps, round-eye, oyster blade, and T-bone.


A good meat stir-fry requires the perfect cut of meat for this unique cooking technique. It involves a searing hot pan, very hot and quick cooking temperatures, and a thin and bite-sized piece of meat. It works best when the butcher’s equipment can cut to certain thicknesses because consistency matters in a dish like this. Little marbling, little sinew or tendon and very thin meat is perfect.  The best cuts are stir-fry strips, topside steaks, backstrap, tenderloin, and boneless blade.

Knowing which meat works with which method is the confidence boost you’ll need to prepare an amazing dish this week. A well-prepared piece of meat is the key so get your butcher’s supplies at Butcher’s Paradise. Their impressive supply of butcher’s equipment like F Dick knives and Victorinox blades will keep you well prepared in the kitchen. Contact Butcher’s Paradise today to find what you need.

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