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Butchers Bekina Steplite X Green Safety Boots With Steel Cap (Made in Belgium)

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BUTCHERS WORK BEKINA STEPLITE X GUM BOOTS are specially designed to fit wide legs to provide the most comfort. The polyurethane that is used within the boots allows the utmost safety and durability.

This polyurethane material is certainly more durable than rubber and PVC. By implementing this polyurethane material into the boots, it permits the longevity and comfort for those wearing it. Polyurethane is a lightweight material which prevents the feet straining from wearing the boots for long periods of time. Through many and various tests, it is proven that polyurethane boots last 3x more than regular boots made from rubber and PVC. The polyurethane that is used in these boots allow for feet to be cool in warm conditions and warm in cool conditions to as low as -30ºC. The soles of the boots are specifically designed to ensure support and comfort. 

Weight 200 g
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