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Savannah One Hand Smart Tongs



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Savannah One Hand Smart Tongs
This is one handy tool for the kitchen! The Savannah One Hand Smart Tongs have been designed specifically for one-handed use. These versatile tongs have scalloped sides, ideal for slippery foods such as pasta. Its narrow head has drainers, which makes this ideal for picking up pickles or olives from jars. The tongs also have a slotted grip for draining and another unslotted grip that functions as a spoon or baster.
Total length 33cm
Use only one hand to unlock, serve, and re-lock.
Silicone tips for use with non-stick cookware, heat resistant to 300°C.
Angled head to reach into tight corners of pan.
Elevated utensil head prevents mess on your counter.
High quality stainless steel arms.
Good for gripping slippery food, draining, or using as spoon or baster.
Narrow head with drainer to get into jars.
Full 10 year unconditional guarantee.
Australian designed 
Weight 200 g


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