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Get the Best Butcher's and Meat Processing Tools at the Best Price

Start your own butchery or food processing business with the best equipment at affordable prices! We carry all the tools you need to prepare, store and even package your products.

Tools to Succeed

Your butchery equipment can help simplify your daily operations, and help you provide high-quality products and fast service.




Our Products

We sell both brand new equipment and refurbished machines, and accept trade-ins. Find exactly what you need for your business, at prices that meet your budget.

  • Knives. We carry a full range of butcher’s knives, from chef’s knives to cleavers, and specialty knives like clam knives for scraping membranes and preparing racks of lamb, or scimitars for smoother trimmings.
  • Meat slicers. Our sharp, heavy-duty meat slicer can cut through meat with speed, precision and safety. Adjust the thickness gauge from big chunks to paper-thin slices.  
  • Band Saw. Quickly slice through chicken, pork and beef into the desired parts. Our powerful tools can also cut through both fresh or frozen meat, with or without the bone.
  • Mincer. This butcher shop essential can make big batches of ground meat in a short amount of time.
  • Mixer. Make your custom meats like sausages, hotdogs, hamburgers, and more. The parts are easy to remove and clean, and you can choose from a range of capacities to suit your operations.
  • Sausage Fillers. Without the right equipment, making sausages can be tricky and time-consuming. Now, it’s as simple as pushing a button. Choose from different sizes of filling nozzles to create any kind of sausage.

Our Service

We can also maintain and repair your butcher equipment! We pride ourselves in our efficient and reliable service, so you can get your machine (and your butcher shop) in full operation at the fastest time.  

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Start your butcher shop or food business with the right tools! Contact us to find a complete range of equipment and packages available for meat preparation and processing.