The Top Techniques to Becoming a Butcher at Home

They say that there is no arguing with a man holding a cleaver. So, there should be even less arguing with a butcher holding a superior set of butcher’s equipment. There is a resurgence in the old-fashioned butchery business with more and more people wanting to have their own butcher. It’s a reassuring feeling to walk into a shop and have the perfect cut of fresh meat to take home. Butchers get a thrill from giving people that feeling. But what does it take to become a butcher at home? Here are the The Top Techniques to Becoming a Butcher at Home.

Start with Quality Butcher’s Equipment

A sharp knife is no joke. Cutting with a less-than-perfect blade will use more pressure and slip more often. It takes a high-quality piece of steel with the right precise edge to get a perfect cut. The ability to e-bone racks and trim fat with ease is now available to everyone.

Using Off-Cuts of Meat

Cuts like brisket, short ribs, or shoulders are increasing in popularity. These prime pieces of meat are available at any grocer to practice on at home. One can buy several kilograms of these off-cuts, which cost far less than a prime steak or a filleted fish. An aspiring butcher can practice on these meats without the need to waste good pieces of beef or pork. As a bonus, the off-cuts produce excellent meals. They require more care and attention in the kitchen, but they also produce excellent meals for the whole family.

Train with a Master

Quality butchers have supplies: They have great equipment like an F. Dick knife, and they also have a teacher to walk them through the machinery and the cuts of meat. If a butcher-to-be is not familiar with the types of cuts, they may consider trying to work with a professional butcher who can advise on the right blades and the proper cuts. It’s worth the knowledge and wisdom they have to spend some time gleaning from their experience.

Above all, one should seek out good providers of butcher’s equipment. It all starts with the right set of tools to produce a better result. Anyone can become their own butcher at home with the proper supplies and practice. Nobody can argue with that.

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