Top 5 Knives That Every Kitchen Must Have

Are you excited in completing your kitchen’s essentials? Aside from pots, pans and baking wares, the other tools needed in any kitchen for cooking meals are knives. If you have plans of shopping around these top 5 knives must be on your list.

1.      Paring knives

No meal preparations can be done with ease without the help of paring knives. There are at least four kinds of paring knives sold in the market; the curved, spear, sharp and clip point. If you love to create salads any time of the day the curved or shape paring knife is your perfect salad making buddy. The spear is generally used for peeling fruits and vegetables while the clip point will come very handy for seeding, pitting and peeling.

2.      Boning knife

If you like to surprise your loved ones with roasted meat during weekends, investing on f dick boning knife, dexter boning knife or Victorinox boning knife is a wise decision. Why? The boning knife makes cutting of meat, both raw and partially cooked effortless. The blades of boning knives do vary in length, from 4 inches to 8 inches.

3.      Butcher, cleaver and cimeter steak knives

Cooking different meals that contain meat may require a very sharp butcher knife, cleaver and cimeter steak knives. But, if you are on a tight budget and you need to choose only one, better buy the butcher’s knife set that comes with butcher mesh gloves and butchers belt because it is designed to cut all kinds of meat, regardless you want to dice pork or cube frozen meat.  However, if you have enough money to splurge include on your final purchase high-end steak knives like Victorinox steak knives because they are made to last longer than cheap steak knives.

4.      Cook’s and Chef knife

Even if you don’t intend to become a professional cook or chef, it really pays off if you have in your kitchen the cook’s and chef knife with length of blade ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches. Many chefs prefer this knife due to its many uses like cutting, dicing, slicing and even carving hot roast meat.

5.      Slicers and carvers

Among the types of knives that every kitchen must have are the slicers or carvers. If in doubt on what to buy, you can ask a butchery equipment supplier for some suggestions. There are different kinds of blades that a slicer or carver has, narrow or wide blade. The narrow blade is mostly used in slicing cold meat or leftover cold roast, whereas the wider blade is more efficient in cutting hot meat like pot roast.

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