What Buyers Look for at the Butcher’s Shop: Meat, Butcher Supplies, and Presentation

In times when small businesses in the food industry are driven to bankruptcy by supermarkets and fast-food chains, some butcher shops are doing quite well. What is their secret? They simply provide what buyers want, from the meat they sell to the butcher supplies they use and the way they present their products.

What Do Buyers Want? Healthy Meat without Playing the Butcher at Home

After years of giving up cooking in favour of processed foods, people are slowly but surely realizing that such choices influence their health. Let us not forget that IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified processed meat as a carcinogen. It is only natural that they return to raw meat, and butcher shops are the best sources for it.

Yes, you can buy raw meat from the supermarket, already portioned and packed and perhaps even at better prices than from butcher shops. However, supermarkets lack a few ingredients every meat buyers loves, consciously or not, and most butcher shops have or should have them. Here are three of them:

3 Reasons Why People Prefer to Buy Meat from the Butcher Shop

1. Stories – Buyers are no longer happy with a label naming the type of meat and the cost. They want to know more about the animal that meat comes from, how it was raised, how old it was, etc. Butchers can provide that, and can even use the story as a pretext to connect with the buyer and create a friendly atmosphere that will encourage repeat visits.

2. Transparency – Buyers love it when the butcher takes out a fresh chunk of raw meat and starts portioning it right under their eyes, when they see the blades sliding on the electric knife sharpener and then all the way to the bone, through the raw meat. They like to choose the meat they want to be chopped or the ribs they want to be stripped of fat. All these give them confidence that everything is fresh and healthy, just as they wanted it.

3. Expertise – Sometimes, even though we like to play butchers at home and we invest in butcher’s supplies, we still have trouble cutting those perfect slices of meat, stripping the meat off the bones or choosing that juicy, perfect consistency steak that will have our guests’ mouths watering. Butchers never face such problems, and they will not mind offering advice on what meat goes with which dish or portioning meat accordingly.

If you run a butcher shop, ensuring its success is easy. All you need is quality meat, skills to present it and sell it, and quality butcher supplies. While we cannot do anything to improve meat quality and your skills, at Butcher’s Paradise, we provide durable and reliable supplies to make your work easier and your shop more presentable. Check out our products and don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries!

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